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Creating synthesis between nature and music


Photosynthesis is an invitation to connect.

With a commitment to sourcing locally grown flowers and using sustainable design materials, we offer you the opportunity to re/connect to the natural world in a way that is kind to our planet. In addition to our in store flower bar and arrangements, we love to adorn your special occasions...celebrations of life, love and death (and beyond). Ceremonial flowers for everyone!


We offer a space where folks of all levels of musicianship can experience and buy the coolest, quality synthesizers - a place where people can come together, hear each other play music and learn from each other.


Just as photosynthesis transforms light energy into chemical energy, we hope that our community minded space, our intentional bouquets and our carefully curated synthesizer shop will nurture you. 


This Is Us

Photosynthesis is a small, family-owned business with big heart. Radio and Tasha are both lifelong musicians who are also full of big ideas. Our ideas don't always go in the same directions but this time they do. The idea for Photosynthesis was born out of our love for creating music, Radio's love of synthesizers and Tasha's passion for growing and sharing flowers. We thought "flowers love music, we love each other, why not combine forces and make a space like no one has ever experienced?!"

We also have a pretty great kid who might not be as excited about music as we would have thought, but they seem to like flowers okay. 

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